Bitcoin 6666

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May 12,  · Bill H.R. which will allow the government to enter your home, say you have covid a fake diagnosis as the virus is a fake. Force you or a family member to be removed from your home and quarantined or when becomes mandatory, forcibly vaccinated. BTCUSD (Update) Forming Bullish Flag Pattern but Not Completed Yet. At the Moment Looking Bullish But Expecting Another tiny DUMP (Might test k) Before Flag Breakout.. In Case of Flag Breakout, Target Will be Between Resistance!!! Please like the idea for Support & Subscribe for More ideas like this and share your ideas and charts in Comments Section..!! May 04,  · House Resolution Forced Door-To-Door Testing. HR is a proposed new law to force everyone (the "authorities" deem necessary) to be tested for Coronavirus. Being able to forcefully test anyone they want is only a stepping stone. In combination with other laws that I expect will soon exist, anyone may be forcefully detained.

Bitcoin 6666

Bitcoin surges past $20,, erasing 3 years of deep losses

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The service will open in December Some groups attempt to discredit microchip "conspiracy theories" by claiming things like " Bill Gates' patent doesn't mention microchips ". For example, again Snopes steps in and says:. Hey Snopes: Do the math on all the coincidences, combined. And if you want to fact-check something, focus on parts that actually matter. You guys either aren't too bright, or are part of the deception.

Sure, it may all start with a "bracelet" - something "wearable". It's a stepping stone. They already tried to directly introduce implantable microchips, and it was clearly rejected.

So they're making smaller moves. Then the globalists tried to microchip us. We rejected it, so now we're seeing a push towards some kind of bio-sensor. Does this make microchips a crazy "conspiracy theory", or is a bio-sensor probably just a stepping stone? Whether it's a microchip or a sensor we wear doesn't really matter, at least initially.

What's important is that it is integrated with our bodies. A device inside our bodies is the best way to do this, so it will always be the end-goal. Doesn't the logo somewhat resemble the "snake in the tree" from the Bible? No, it's not the caduceus worn by doctors, which has two snakes and represent the double-helix of human DNA life, the toroid, the holy grail.

The Rod of Asclepius has one snake. Asclepius was the mythical son of Apollyon. The Bible identifies Apollyon as "the angel of the abyss". So by definition, the "Rod of Asclepius" in the logo represents Satan's son or servant. Why on Earth are they using an undeniably Satanic symbol? Do I actually believe mythical stories about Greek gods? I have no proof. It could be just myth. Or part of it may resemble history. I really don't know.

What matters is someone responsible for the various logos and symbology understands the meanings. And if the bible is correct, they represent "evil". But I'm trying to keep this article small. I could write a book about strange logos in Government Organizations and powerful private institutions.

It's everywhere, once you know what to look for. But here's another:. HR is a proposed new law to force everyone the "authorities" deem necessary to be tested for Coronavirus. Being able to forcefully test anyone they want is only a stepping stone. In combination with other laws that I expect will soon exist, anyone may be forcefully detained. So it's not a complete law yet. I believe it is a prelude to other things. Instead, it's more about key decision-makers.

Is it really so hard to believe corrupt people exist in high places? Ordinary people who work in organizations would likely themselves be misled. And if they become whistleblowers, they'll be targeted and censored, like what happened to Dr. Judy Mikovits. Initially these laws, technologies and changes may seem harmless and for "our good". But they are leading to much bigger things.

I believe it's moving towards a global tyranny. Remember, we are talking about a virus that is no more deadly than the flu. Here's what it already looks like, if you see what's happening and try to warn people in the streets. This one is from Australia. See the video. I'm guessing we'll see a lot more of this real soon. The world has been moving towards tyranny for some time.

The potential for the abuse of these new powers is limitless. Among other things, it would allow corrupt "authorities" to do anything they wanted to anyone who threatens the "system".

Fight against tyranny, and your ability to buy or sell could be revoked, at the press of a button. Or even worse, you could be forcefully detained, because of inaccurate Coronavirus testing - where in detention, anything could happen to you.

Something nefarious is happening. Don't think this is only about US law and policy. It is happening all over the world. And I'm not just talking about Coronavirus, which is actually only part of the bigger picture. For decades I've followed the activities of particular "special interests groups". Much of the published material is speculative and harmful nonsense. I've been an advocate of clearly distinguishing between "crackpot conspiracy theories", and "real conspiracies" that are clear as day once you do the research.

Particular groups have clearly sought to push agendas leading towards eroding our liberties - for their benefit. As always, do your own research. But don't rely on Google, Facebook and Youtube.

They are heavily censoring information. Don't rely on what anyone says. Find out for yourself. If you have something to share, use a free speech platform. But be aware tech giants like Google are already censoring some in search engine listings. Google, Youtube and Facebook has even admitted to pushing the "official narrative" ahead in search rankings, which stifles "different opinions".

False information seems believable, when we hear it from friendly faces on TV - who themselves probably don't know better. This is how so many people are deceived. False information is even more believable when doctors and whistleblowers with "opposing viewpoints" are censored, so most people see only one side.

It's difficult to fathom how such a massive conspiracy could happen. But keep in mind it would only take a small band of influential people. For example, we have closed the world largely due to questionable advice from the World Health Organization. And mainstream media just recite the World Health Organization.

But what if key people in the W. Since when did billionaires, bankers and Wall Street care about our health? It's as suspicious as the president of the USA George W Bush being in business with brother of the world's most wanted terrorist.

Yeah that's right, the Bin Laden family was in business with the Bush family. Again I'm not a conspiracy "theorist". I'm someone with a brain, who believes there's ample substantiated information to indicate something nefarious really is happening. But it does no good to complain, without a plan for action. My article about defeating the New World Order has important tips. The issue of Coronavirus is tricky, because the situation is changing rapidly.

Clearly the data doesn't justify closing the world. More people may die from suicide, depression, alcohol abuse, poverty and possibly even starvation than Coronavirus itself. By the time most people realize this, it will already be too late to go back. We all love our tech gadgets - our Playstations and whatever. But we don't "need" them. Take a look at Google maps. Zoom to anywhere that's even partially green.

And you'll see vast amounts of land that's doing nothing. Even look on the side of roads. In people's front yards. Lots of un-used land. It's everywhere. So food and water should never be a problem. But instead of properly using land, we've let bureaucrats dictate what we can or can't do. And we've centralized the source of food. So when the shit hits the fan, we're in trouble. Think of it like blockchain - we need to decentralize power. And food is one source of power. What about shelter?

If we have the technology to fly to the moon, why can't we have affordable and comfortable housing? My point is we can easily have everything we need. The vast majority of jobs are not essential. They are not particularly "useful" or productive. So if things start to really fall apart and you're worried about making money to survive, keep in mind real abundance is everywhere. All you need to do is see it, and work with your community - your neighbors, family and friends - to become free and independent.

But it is not a complete solution to beat tyranny. It does no good for just the minority to know. So start educating others. And grow some balls to stand up for what you know is right. When enough of us do this, tyrants have no chance. You aren't going to live forever.

So don't let fear control you. When I'm finally on my death bed, at whatever age, I sure as hell don't want regrets. I am nobody's puppet. I wont be bending over. Will you be? Most police are good people, just trying to do the right thing. So respect them as fellow human beings. It is critical that we don't "hate" them, although it's very easy considering they often forget who they're supposed to serve. And often they're clueless about who they really serve. You will rightfully be furious to see them do what you know is wrong - because they don't know what you know.

But keep in mind for now, they are doing what many people support. Their supporters are terrified of becoming infected. For instance, in April social media users started to share a link to a patent supposedly owned by Microsoft that pertained to the micro-chipping of individuals for financial gain.

The above-displayed screenshots pertain to a genuine patent filed by Microsoft. For example, user device may include personal computers, servers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart devices e. An exemplary embodiment of user device is illustrated in FIG. The patent provides two options for the sensor. First, the sensor could be incorporated into one of the aforementioned devices, such as a smartphone.

Sensor may be configured to sense the body activity of user As illustrated in FIG. Alternatively, sensor may be included and integrated in user device For example, user device may be a wearable device having sensor therein.

Does Microsoft Own Patent ‘666’ About Implanting Microchips in People? INVEST IN ANEW DIRECTION

Apr 23,  · ARGENTINA, December 3, – Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (LABITCONF), the world’s longest running bitcoin and blockchain event in the LatAm region, today announced a special keynote address will be given by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin at the LABITCONF virtual event December , Other LABITCONF key speakers include . May 04,  · House Resolution Forced Door-To-Door Testing. HR is a proposed new law to force everyone (the "authorities" deem necessary) to be tested for Coronavirus. Being able to forcefully test anyone they want is only a stepping stone. In combination with other laws that I expect will soon exist, anyone may be forcefully detained. Apr 21,  · There are corners of the internet that are very upset about Microsoft filing "Patent " to microchip humans. The growing narrative implies that Bill Gates and a number of other people in the tech community are working together on a new world order. Tags:Btc recovery seed, Quoine btc price, Today bitcoin rate in indian currency, Bitcoin vs gold similarities, Where do i find my bitcoin private key

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