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Darkstar bitcointalk

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Galnet services, transportation, shopping at the store, they even made all of their utilities into profit-oriented companies. And it was there that Ghen paused, the realization slamming into him. Everything was monetized.

Which means, if you don't have the money for it, you're not getting it. Are the humans truly that ruthless? So obsessed with making money? To the point that they're willing to deprive their own people of the absolute necessities if it's a source of credits? Ghen let out a scoff. There's no way. Nobody is that cruel and callous. He's never been to the United Nations. He can't rely on what a bunch of random people on the galnet says.

He decided that from here on out, he'll only go as far as saying that humans are a little obsessed with credits, nothing more. There he was. Ryan, sitting in the office provided to him. And there was a rather large line leading to him. Looks like word got around. Although, the line wasn't as large as he expected it to be.

Maybe the others thought it was just a ruse? That there's no such thing as making free money by spending it on such a made-up concept? Ghen only knows that, if it is a ruse, it's an extremely elaborate one, where all of the humans are in on it. And he believes that's just extremely ridiculous. At the end, if he's unsure, he'll just take the transfer for the very real increase in his very real salary. And although he spent a very good chunk of the night reading up on how humans do things, he's still going to play it smart.

He'll leave his 50, shares alone and see where it goes from there. If there's too little for what's needed, I pump out more. And if there's too much, I pull it back a little. Do you have anyone in mind you'd like to replace you here? A bunch of names went through his mind, but one stuck with him. He's just been accepted here, but he's learned quickly.

Very attentive and he always catches something subtle. I think he'll do really well in my position, even better actually. Ghen felt a short sense of panic in him. Did something happen, or was Tilik actually transferring? His answer didn't take long to reveal itself. He's actually requested to be part of the testing teams specifically.

Do you have a second choice? Sometimes, there's just nobody up to snuff, right? Is there anything specific you'd like to do when given the transfer? Sometimes, we're just not paid enough for what we're doing. I know I think that sometimes. Uh, our secret, yeah? Back on topic, that's it. Sweet money and stock options.

Not saying that's a bad answer of course, just that it's pretty obvious. Is that for Zilia shares? About 0. Want to know why that's awesome? Instead of waiting for the proper price to cash out your shares, now? The company pays you for each share you hold. Are you serious? Ryan nodded with his now-trademark grin. If you get the transfer, and get those 50, shares? A little head math Only you can decide to sell or buy shares.

Once he walked out of the room, he managed to snap back to reality. Again, just focus on the very real pay-raise. He'll deal with the other parts later. After he returned to his spot, he spotted Tizx approaching by his desk. The coordinator seems to be as casual as always. Course I'm going for it when I can. And if all this magic credits turn out to be real?

You realize we can live like the royal servants, right? Get the best cars, the nicest food and all that? The way they just Come up with more and more insane ways of getting credits? I don't know, it just makes my wings twitch. And we all know how the royal servants get if any of us lowly commoners start thinking we can break into their circle.

With a confirming nod of his own, Tizx returned back to his duty, walking past Ghen's desk. Several weeks later. Everything became so much better. Ghen got the transfer. He didn't need to relocate to a new residence either. And after he was walked through into learning how to manage his stock account, and seeing that new form of payment in his hands, he already felt as though he made the best decision.

But it was only when he decided to take those shares more seriously that he became privy to what he was given. After receiving the dividend payment, and actually seeing it was real, valid credits after transferring it to his main bank account, all he could describe was the most powerful high he ever felt.

While his first thoughts were to buy himself a royalty-class car, some nicer furnishings for his home, or even a better home entirely, he ended up going the smarter route.

After going back to his stock account, he discovered that Zilia's shares rose to about 3. Knowing that this was the easiest money he could ever make, he took all of his dividend earnings and bought more shares in Zilia, bringing him to owning 56, And from his new regional coordinator, a human named Dylan, tomorrow is the grand release of the premium package.

For just a monthly rate of Still, Ghen has to admit. He's not entirely sure why anybody would want such a thing, if they'd even go for it. But, as long as he's practically swimming in easy credits, he won't pay much attention to it. And just like when he was intensively studying the basics of how the human economy worked, he barely got any sleep. His mind was constantly thinking about the things he would buy.

Or rather, what other stocks to put his credits into. Even now he can still hardly believe it. Just spend your money on some, make-believe thing and, if you wait long enough and picked the right stock, you'll get more than you spent back? His mind even wandered onto what human colonies, or even their homeworld, Earth, was like.

If everybody was making so much money, what kind of things would they offer? What kind of ridiculous service or product or item can you get? He's even debating on joining some forum and just asking around. Explain how he's new to how humans do things and was wondering what he should expect if he's successful.

By the time he felt like he can go to sleep, the binary-stars of the system were rising from the horizon. After getting out of his bed and changing to clean clothes, his mind returned onto what-ifs. What if he bought better clothes? He's had his eye on that human brand of luxury clothes, Tessuti di Venezia , that's been all the rage amongst the royal servants.

Or maybe he can go on vacation and just check out Earth for real? It was a short ride to his workplace from his home. After getting stuff his stuff and preparing to walk through the doors, he heard the roar of a car grow louder.

When he looked, he saw the sleekest and quite possibly the coolest looking car he's ever seen. Each time the engine revved it would startle him, both from how harsh it sounded as well as just how intense it sounded.

And after it parked, he saw the doors pop out and then slide along the body back. And there, he saw Tilik, the seat literally turning and extending out a bit before he got off. As soon as he saw Ghen staring, he struck a rather prideful pose after putting on his lab coat and then sauntered over to Ghen.

Did you actually buy that? Hoof , best decision I've ever made! I got a little carried away, yeah, but not anymore. Any spending credits I got, going right back to investing. That's what it's called right, investing? Today's the day that the premium water thing is being released. Here's hoping it starts out well, right? By the Queen, so much of it How did you get such a nice position anyways?

Weren't you just studying under me before the humans came along? Not because it's boring or terrible, just I didn't suffer so many sleepless nights in the science academy just to be a glorified button pusher. This is what I've always wanted. Doing science, solving problems rather than just applying the solution, you know?

I should've been answering to you! Take a guess at who got it. Good thing the humans came along when they did, yeah? He never heard anything about a servant taking a job at his place. I know I'm smarter than any of those empty-skull servants back in the Center. I know that, whatever, uh Yeah, whatever corporate wants out of science, I will xeek give it to them.

I'll pay, yeah? But he quickly realized that, he truly is good for it, thanks to the humans. It was a fantastic opening. After being told what news sites to keep in mind for stocks, he first heard it from Dylan, and then got more detail on Business Today.

There was such a massive demand right from the start that Zilia needs to increase extraction just to meet it. But what really got his attention was the effect it had. Zilia Water Delivery's share price just blasted off. After seemingly holding steady at about 3. The calculator on his account told him that he got a value-gain of Never in his entire life had he felt such With all of the shares he currently has?

He's sitting at , He knows that it is woefully pathetic compared to what the royal servants have just in their pockets, but the fact that he has such money, just by owning some intangible concept?

Why even work at Zilia? Why doesn't he just sit at home, figure out what companies to invest in and make his money that way? What's even the point in working a real job, getting a pathetic pay when you can just take the money you have, determine where to spend it, and get triple back?

All just sitting on your wings at home, researching? He was so wrapped up in his excited high that he completely forgot he was going to meet Tilik at Queen's.

After quickly and haphazardly putting on his nicer clothes, he got to the place only a few minutes late. Tilik was there by the guide, no doubt having been waiting for him. As soon as he strode up, Tilik's wings stiffned out some. No doubt he must've seen the numbers as well.

All I'm going to say. Table please? It was a short walk, travelling between round tables. The vast majority were populated by zazk, but Ghen was surprised at seeing a few humans here as well. No doubt corporate workers checking out the local food.

He did spot them having bowls filled with some kind of mass. Some were brown, others white with what looks to be black specks on them. They arrived at their table. A rather nice one, affording a view out the windows into the busy colony streets. Once Tilik and Ghen settled in, the guide handed out the menus. Ingredients sourced from Earth itself. Very cold, but incredibly sweet, and coming in many flavors. The most popular amongst us is called vanilla-bean.

The vanilla itself soaks in the cream for much of the process, and then the innards sprinkled on top of it near the end. Rumor has it that the Queen herself has demanded personal shipments of such a treat straight from the home of vanilla, an island on Earth named Madagascar. With a slight bow, the guide proceeded to ferry their orders to the kitchen.

Thankfully it was just a short wait before the guide returned, carrying a large plate containing bowls of ice cream. Ghen could feel the saliva on his mandibles as the bowl was placed before them.

He could just feel the cold air around that glistening mass of sugary goodness. The white snow decorated with the black dots of vanilla bean. Once the guide left them, Tilik and Ghen both dived in at the same time. As soon as the ice cream entered his mouth, touched his tongue, he exploded in incomprehensible bliss. The sweetness, the smooth and creamy mass, even the taste of vanilla he wasn't sure about was just absolutely delightful.

It was so overwhelming that his entire body limped, slumping in his seat as he was forced to ride on the surging tide of joy and happiness sweeping over him. Tilik was no different. He too was taken completely by the effects of the ice cream, his wings fluttering some against the seat.

Ghen could hear some noise. It was the humans they passed by. They were chuckling, grinning, and glancing over at them discreetly. Unlike the two zazk, the humans seemingly just enjoyed the ice cream as if it was just another nice dessert to them.

Or perhaps they couldn't allow themselves to succumb to the high? And as soon as the wave of indescribable bliss and happiness subsided, Ghen knew. He just knew. This was the life. He wanted this. The ice cream was just the beginning.

So many things denied because he didn't have the credits, or worse, not the blood. Because he was just a drone in the great Collective, even if he had the credits, he wasn't allowed because of what caste he was born in. That fire that sparked in him when he saw Tilik's new car? It exploded into a raging firestorm. And when looking into Tilik's eyes, Ghen could see the same. He was on the same page as Ghen was. Both of them were sold.

They have the credits. And the humans? If you can pay for it, they'll never discriminate. All they cared about is if you have the money. And by the Queen, Ghen and Tilik will endeavor to amass as much credits as physically possible.

The rest of the night faded into a blur. A blur that evokes only one thing. It was only when he walked through the door of his pathetic hut that Ghen's mind snapped back to focus. His mandibles felt sticky. And he felt a weight in his stomach. How much ice cream did he eat? Whatever it was, he ate such volume that the lower-section of his throax extended and rounded out, visible even under his shirt.

He felt something odd in his pocket. It was a receipt. Was that ten bowls for both of them? Or individually? Ghen didn't care. He's good for it. Returning back to his calculator, he acted upon the decision that he had made at that eatery.

He's acquiring as many books about investing and stock trading as he could find, frequent and study all the discussions and arguments presented by other like-minded individuals such as he, all to ensure he can live the good life. And he had a very good feeling Tilik was doing the exact same thing. Well, first, the gurgling in his stomach, as well as the feeling of something rising demanded his attention.

Looks like he'll need to take the night off to let his stomach get back to normal. Three Years Later. Ghen looked out beyond the horizon, seeing the colony that he grew up in.

On the far side was where his old house was. With only a simple robe on, made from the finest silk from Earth's nation-state of China, he relaxed in his seat. It was a long road. Stockpiling credits from pre-existing investments and from subsequent pays, he and Tilik made it.

From having only half a million in assets and cash, now transformed to over eight-hundred million. And now, his call contracts on American Interstellar? They've just announced a breakthrough in their next generation of warp drives, reducing the speed coefficient even further, resulting in far faster travel. And with that, their stock price climbed sharply. Another hundred million credits in the bank. Soon, very soon, he and Tilik are about to become the galaxy's first zazk billionares.

But that's not enough. There are many humans who are billionares. Only those he can count on one hand are considered trillionares.

He's going to break into that circle. He and Tilik. Looking beyond the colony, he saw the abandoned building of the workplace he transferred to when the humans arrived. Turns out, the reason for such a high demand was that the humans also slipped in sugar to the tap water.

As soon as that broke, many influential royal servants demanded investigations and outright banning of Terran Galactic Company's influence over the former government division. Zilia's stock price plummeted. But thanks to an advance tip from his human coordinator, Dylan, he and Tilik made a put contract.

And that's where they struck gold, as the human saying goes. Dylan warned that if they were citizens of the United Nations, they'd be investigated and convicted for insider trading. But, since they weren't, and the Collective were only just introduced to capitalism, there's no risk at all.

Now the colony is going through a withdrawal phase, Zilia has been dissolved and reformed back as a government division and are currently at work re-establishing the standard, plain water delivery. American Interstellar's announcement really was a good thing. There goes a million credits. Ah well, the Royal Shipyards will make it back for me soon. Did they just go corporate? And, to a surprise to all the xenophobes in the galaxy, they're already being offered contracts for ship production.

That'll raise the stock price pretty good. Yeah, calls or suck my dick, Tilik. Forty credits a share by this day next month. Considering how you never seem to make it past, Hey sweet thing, I'm rich you know. After he stopped, wings stiffened, he looked to Ghen. He's been fighting to control the ice cream trade. Worried it's a corrupting influence. Got done talking with the human CEO of Nestle earlier.

If we clear the way, he'll know how to squeeze a little more gains in stock price when he makes the announcement. College is starting up, lots of stuff to clear and work out. Not sure why but I just got a bug up my butt about incorporating money and the stock market into a short. Here it is. Sorry if it seems abrupt, character limit fast approaching.

Let me know how you guys think about it! Wasteland 3 is a sign of the love that InXile has for his work and Brian Fargo for the genre that has created a name for him. If you are a lover of the saga or the genre, do not hesitate to enjoy it. But if you are fine with that, I would highly recommend you give Wasteland 3 a shot, especially if you were or still are a Fallout fan. Cerealkillerz - Julian Bieder - German - 8.

Bugs, Glitches and graphics that doesn't really represent a game that releases and the end of this console generation are a bit of a letdown. Everything else from the great story, entertaining NPCs, solid battle system, clever leveldesign over to the love for details is amazing, besides some flaws that should soon be fixed, as inXile and Brian Fargo promise.

Everyone that wasn't happy with the latest Fallout Games will surely love Wasteland 3. Don't forget the powerful character editor, rhythm voices, and the beautiful scenery that puts you in that atmosphere of cold and snowy Colorado. Cram-Gaming - Robert Cram - 8. Combat, whilst exciting initially can fall into the traps of repetition. A little more variety could have negated some of the repeated player actions.

That said, the story is compelling and the characters an interesting assortment of misfit survivors, although perhaps fitting post-apocalyptic stereotypes. It's a fun, easy to play game overall though that should well-please fans of the series and keep players entertained for quite some time with its high replay-value.

However, aside from some bugs here and there, the impressive amount of voice-work on offer, the character building is the best part of the experience where you can really nurture your ranger squad in this snowy post-apocalyptic world. Fextralife - Castielle - 8. Players that liked previous Fallout Games, or games like Wasteland 2 or Baldur's Gate will feel right at home with this title, and will have the opportunity to try X-Com like combat.

For the amount of content provided, 60 USD is a very good price, and fans of the genre should get more than their money's worth. A must-buy for roleplayers. GameWatcher - Marcello Perricone - 8. But, it's a terrifically executed role-playing game that rewards player investment from beginning to end. Its combat is compelling and fun while its characters and overall plot are engrossing, even when it goes to some dark places. A must-play for tactical RPG fans.

God is a Geek - Mick Fraser - 9. It's not a revolution on the genre or in the post apocaliptic proposal, but it won't matter to the franchise lovers. Niche Gamer - Cwb - 3. Buyer beware. PC Invasion - Jason Rodriguez - 8. However, its cast of characters both old and new , the switch to a traditional turn-based combat system, and branching paths filled with decisions and dire consequences make for a superb journey with the Desert Rangers.

Wasteland 3 has rules, but they only exist for you to bend them. The change in locale does wonders, no longer relying on a tired post-apocalyptic biome. Spaziogames - Paolo Sirio - Italian - 8. It's easily the best game in the franchise, in terms of pure technique, and one that clearly gives you an idea of what inXile is able to achieve.

Watch out for the ever-present release bugs, though — best to wait a couple patches if you want to avoid unnecessary hurdles. But it doesn't do enough to bring the genre forward to a mainstream audience. Not just mechanically, but story wise as well. But, most of all, it features a living world that reacts to what the player does, and changes depending on how the player decides to deal with the troubles ahead, providing a role-playing experience of the highest degree, one that very few games can boast of.

It gives the wintry climbs of Colorado a lifelike quality that must have been painstaking to build. The most impressive RPG in years, Wasteland 3 is a masterpiece. XboxEra - Jesse Norris - 9. Excellent visuals are matched by top notch voice work and some of the best and most natural writing I have seen in a video game not made by Naughty Dog. The combat is a brutal dance where one wrong move can spell disaster, but victory is an exhilarating rush that never becomes old.

Wasteland 3 cements inXile as one of the best in the business in the RPG genre and affirms that Xbox has something truly special on their hands. That one game which made us pay attention to a style of games and allowed us to fully experience the genre.

It might not have been the first one we play, but it is definitely one that stays closer to our hearts. For me, this game was Darius. I loved the horizontal gameplay, I loved the Silver Hawk, I loved all the huge bosses that looked like fishes.

The gameplay also hit bunch of chords that resonate with what I love about shmups. M2 really went out of their way to bring the most authentic arcade experience! The result is impressive to say the least! I had heard on the street that the arcade versions were superior so I was very excited. The game greeted me with 3 screens places next to each other on the center of the screen. I was excited to play, so I pressed the coin button.

I was not prepared for what I was about to experience… As soon as I inserted the coin, a typical fanfare played along as my credit counter increased by one. But there was something else. The controller started vibrating to the tune of the music. It felt like being inside an actual arcade cabinet. Vibrations and sound made the experience feel authentic. It made me think about the arcade days where you would hear cabinets everywhere and just feel the energy of the place.

As soon as I started to play, the screen changed and the empty spaces were replaced by arcade artwork. This artwork was exactly the kind you would see pasted near the controllers to show you how to play and other general information. Everything about the game was designed to make you feel like on the arcade. This is the kind of presentation that every other arcade port should try to achieve. Every single aspect, every single menu and every single feature was lovingly added to create a masterpiece.

The message just says that your game data is approaching fast. It really is only a fancy way of saying the game is loading, but it sets the tone to the orgasmic experience that you are about to have with the game. After going through the intro scene, you will be greeted with the main menu which contains all 7 playable titles in this collection.

You also have a replay, manual and staff options. If you are wondering where the options are, they are specific for each game, so they must be adjusted from within each game. My only complaint here is that the manual is in japanese. The only thing was the Darius Gaiden capture mechanic, so I picked that one up from the internet.

Thankfully, each game features a sort of museum display that features a screenshot of the menu, the title, the launch date and a very thorough description of the game. The text will navigate you through each version of the games and specifically highlight why it is different from its predecessor or what was changed when going to western markets.

Each game includes a training mode for those who wish to challenge specific parts of the game. Training mode will let you choose to play any stage and customize a variety of settings such as the strength of your Silver Hawk and the game rank, which is the in-game difficulty.

The obvious use for this mode is to practice your piloting skills and go for the 1CC. Even casual players can view this as a pseudo level select cheat code for maximum enjoyment! Perhaps one of the most amazing inclusions of the collection is the replay mode. For every one of your play throughs, there is an option to save a replay of your play session.

What differs from regular replays, is that they pack an incredibly robust set of features. Other than being able to watch a recording of yourself, you can see your inputs and control the playback of the replay. You can rewind, fast forward, go back, increase the speed or even go full slow-mo to analyze your gameplay. Arcade is played with every setting on default and using only one credit. All-mix is a catch-all for every other style, from easy difficulty to hard or even static rank modes.

This allows you to watch the entire play throughs of top players, along with their inputs and the previously mentioned playback features of a replay. A must have for those willing to go for the record or even those curious about what it means to be a champion.

The amount of options is truly staggering, so suffice to know that you can change in-game setting as difficulty and score for an extend, screen quality adjustments like scan lines and gadgets, and the controllers.

One menu I really want to highlight is the gadgets menu. Gadgets are responsible for making the gameplay experience truly stand out. They track all sorts of data from yourself and the enemies. From a friendly side, you can see your current level of power, the number of hits your arm can take and the information related to the current zone. From a less friendly side, you have all sorts of analyzers that display the current boss, their weakness and detailed HP for each of their parts.

If it is too much for you, then you can always turn off the gadgets and customize the screen to your liking. The real beauty comes from creating your perfect cabinet. Darius Cozmic Collection is no slouch and features save states of its own!

These save states will let you cheese the game as much as you want, but they also let you replay specific sections and master them for your future arcade runs. The only caveat is that using save states will not record your score. Unfortunately, replays will only record from the last time you loaded the save state onwards.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that bringing up the in-game menu will completely pause the game and show you a fully-fledged map of the game, complete with boss encounters for each zone and the amount of power-ups featured in said zone.

It really is great for strategy purposes to know which stage will allow you to upgrade your Silver Hawk! Resuming a game will also give you a 3 second count down with a jumping robot animation to ensure you are ready for action. Out of all this nitty gritty details, I have to say the song name is one of my favorites. In the bottom right corner of the screen there is a pop-up that appears when the song changes and displays the song name.

I just think it looks really cool. Featuring 3 screens, this is the biggest Darius game featured in this collection ha! If I may add, I also think this is the game that highlights all the love M2 poured into bringing arcade experiences to your living room. With features such as the cabinet art and the body sonic vibration, it really brings home the arcade feeling. As you can expect, playing the first game on the series is both, a nostalgic and a painful experience.

Playing on 3 screens is truly magical, but at the same time, it is a victim to the older design choices. Not much that can be done here, after all, it is a decades old game. Just a small detail to keep in mind. Darius helps establish the foundations of the franchise from the very first game. One of the Darius staples is the upgrade system for the Silver Hawk. Throughout the game, you can encounter 3 different orbs which are dropped by different colored enemies.

The orbs can be red, green or blue. Each orb increases your power, but collecting 7 will upgrade your shot to the laser, and then the wave. Green orbs will upgrade your bomb, which is your secondary fire. Bombs also get stronger with more orbs and also upgrade when you reach 7. Blue orbs will give you a shield called arm. The initial shield blocks 3 hits and any additional orb will add 1 more hit.

Just like red and green, you can upgrade after 7 orbs which will make it so that additional orbs give you 2 hits and then 3. The downside to the upgrade system is that, upon death, you will lose every orb you collected in your current tier. The good news is that if you, for instance, managed to upgrade to the laser, then your shot can never fall below that.

The bad news is that the number of orbs is limited per stage, which means it is almost impossible to upgrade within a stage the same stage where you died. The exception is a single stage that has 7 blue orbs in the old version and one with 7 green in the extra version. The stages are all over the place with a very diverse space settings, but the bosses are always one thing: fish.

Darius also has one peculiarity which is that every set of stages has the same boss. For example, the 4th stage boss will always be Fatty Glutton in a different version depending on which zone you chose. The other defining feature of Darius is being able to choose your adventure.

After each boss, you can choose to go to one of 2 different zones. This choice is made by either being on the top or bottom half of the screen, as the stage actually splits after beating the boss. It certainly took me off guard the first time as I crashed into the divider. Despite having the same boss, the zones are drastically different and carry the strategic choice of having a different number of orbs.

Your path will be determined by which aspect of your Silver Hawk you want to improve. This is expressed in the descriptions of the newer versions. This ruthlessness is exacerbated by the death system, as death will set you considerably behind. Because upgrades are usually a 2-stage effort, getting shot will set you back 2 levels worth of progress. A fun aspect I found on Darius is the dynamic created by having 3 screens. This is probably the widest game I have played, and it brings new challenges to the table.

The first one is that you need to gain screen position to succeed. Being at the front is usually better, with moving back feeling like losing real estate.

The reason behind this is that you are able to shoot down enemies before they become a threat with their numbers. The other less obvious reason is the number of bullets allowed on screen. That number is limited, so it is in your best interest that those bullets expire fast so you can fire new ones. Being back equals more time before they reach the end of the screen, which is undesirable. Achieving an upgraded Silver Hawk is a hard endeavor, but that makes it even more rewarding when you pull it off!

First of all it reduced the upgrade system so that it is now only a single stage that can be maxed out. The number of orbs was reduced to compensate. Another simplification comes courtesy of the screens themselves. The number of screens was reduced from 3 to 2 in order to be installed in other dual screen cabinets such as The Ninja Warriors.

Unfortunately, the single stage of upgrades means that the game is even more savage when you die. This time around, you actually lose all of your progress in terms of firepower. There will be special rainbow orbs which help you catch up a little, but even then they might be a little too late.

As a result, my 1CC had to be done by never dying. It exists to be a compact version of Darius II to be sold on western markets. If SAGAIA trimmed certain pieces of the game, then version 2 came to use those trimmed pieces and created another entry. For Darius Gaiden, less is more, as this time around the game was played on a single screen arcade cabinet. The game does seem to lack some of the ambient goodies such as the rumble effects, but it makes up for it in gameplay experiences.

This means that, once again, we have multiple upgrade points. Upgrades take considerably less red power-ups to achieve, which actually makes it possible to upgrade multiple times during the same stage. Death penalties are lower as well with death only losing you a level of power. Perhaps the best of all is that neither arm nor bombs have any penalty whatsoever. I would take it one step ahead and say this game has a little of the Contra syndrome. The original Contra is a game that was considered hard, but was significantly easier if you could maintain the spread shot.

In the same vein, getting the earliest upgrades makes Darius Gaiden a breeze. A well deserved victory, if you ask me. New to Darius Gaiden is the ability to capture mid bosses. Half-way through a stage, you will encounter a medium sized boss with a purple orb somewhere in its back.

If you manage to take down the orb without killing the enemy, it will detach and slowly drift away. If you capture this orb, then the mid boss will fight alongside you until its timer expires. I gotta say that having a huge fish on your side is surprisingly satisfying! Having a single screen makes the experience much more familiar for shmup enthusiasts.

While it does lose some of the charm of the ultra wide field of view, it also rids itself of nuances such as your horizontal movement being low in terms of total horizontal space or the limit on on-screen bullets. A combination of those factors I mentioned contribute to making Darius Gaiden a much better experience. Every stage is unique and makes every new play through a completely different experience, not just in a different-ish way, but rather full blown new content!

The corruptants then begin destroying the wider universe at will, hoping to erase every last mote of existence before leaping into the Dark Star and being destroyed themselves, leaving nothing but eternal oblivion. According to former narrative Rioter Michael 'Pls' Yichao , Mordekaiser would likely have been known as Cosmic Conqueror Mordekaiser before his disappearance and resurrection. Lux is a Cosmic entity who is secretly a vessel of the Dark Star and was kept close by other celestials for fear of her true potentials.

She was later assigned the task of binding the Dark Star and Thresh in a fixed point, but was pulled into the Dark Star by Thresh. Her fate was determined by winning choice of Duty and Ambition based on the player base's votes in the Galaxies event. Dark Cosmic Lux is her canon appearance in the Event Horizon universe after she embraced her ambition and fell to the corruption, becoming one with the Dark Star.

Now, she wants to form a Court of Darkness of the Dark Star corruptants similar to the Celestial Court and become their rightful queen. Cosmic Lux is what she would have been if she had stayed true to her duty and successfully saved herself from the corruption. Lux 's title was supposed to be Cosmic Beacon; however, due to the players' familiarity with its PBE title of Cosmic the latter remains being used instead. Jhin is a Celestial that has been corrupted by the Dark Star and now has delusions of grandeur, much like Lux.

While not being directly corrupted by the Dark Star, Cosmic Devourer Vladimir's actions have resulted in him becoming similar to a Dark Cosmic. Dark Star Thresh is the Dark Star's most devoted worshipper and possibly the first Corruptant as well as being his brethrens' leader prior to Lux.

Jarvan IV was a mortal emperor who got consumed with his world and had his essence twisted to become a Corruptant. Rhaast was an outcast among the corruptants. Malphite and Xerath were created alongside Mordekaiser 's resurrection after Lux became one with the Dark Star. Varus contains multitudes within his eldritch mind, but deep inside it is light. Cosmic Hunter Varus was created in the image of Dark Star Varus to hunt the latter down, so they are not the same entity.

Odyssey universe is connected to the Event Horizon universe at the Ora Gate. Millenium later, Odyssey Kayn obtained a scythe which Rhaast was trapped inside. Rhaast is bent on destroying the Odyssey Universe and opening the Ora Gate to allow other Dark Star corruptants to enter it. Related Music. Dark Star Thresh's Theme. Main article: Summoner icon. Main article: Ward skins. Main article: Emotes. Alternate Universes. Lore and Events. Categories :.

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Frostguard Watchers. Blood Moon Cult Demons. Bloodstone Cult. Cats Dogs. Chaos Demacia Noxus Order. Demacia Shurima. Commandos Special Forces. Root Vegetable Cohorts. Bilgewater Zaun. Debonairs Piltover. Heaven Hell. Ao Shin. Elementalists Lux. Cosmic Dark Star. Valkyries Leprechauns. Avarosan Frostguard Winter's Claw. Amumu Annie Orianna. Guardians of the Sands Spirits. Heartseekers Sweethearts.

Riot Corp. Piltover Shurima Zaun. Demons Progress.

Event Horizon/Dark Star Contribution activity

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