Hitbtc naga

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Dec 24,  · NGC tokens is issued by the Naga Group after the recently completed ICO. On December 23, NGC is tradable in HitBTC, price about between $ on the first day. Naga Group is listed on the Frankfurt, the NGC tokens will be used for trading virtual goods and video games in the future. Purchase NGC tokens. HitBTC is a digital currency exchange with a wide pool of currency pairs The HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange is a platform created in by Estonian specialists and Israeli entrepreneurs that allows trading in more than cryptocurrency pairs. Volume 24h:$1 Jul 28,  · Launched way back in , HitBTC is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. The platform allows users to buy, sell and trade hundreds of .

Hitbtc naga

HitBTC CryptoCurrency Exchange: Volume, Markets |

Paaatience people. Exactly, people don't understand it has basically been consistently anywhere from x10 to x20 in January if you bought at ICO I think what they are doing is smart.

Slowly introduce partners and sign their MOU's memorandums of understanding, aka agreements , give those partners their chances to buy in while price is still low, and then start announcing all their deals when much more is lined up.

That is when this thing will start to take off. Wooosahhh my friend, slow deep breaths. Went from a crappy exchange to a even crappier exchange. The big complaints with them seem to mostly surround the absurd number of bugs they have. They really need to get that under control. I personally have used them for Aeon and never had much of an issue. Just went there to sell dentacoin that I bought on the ICO and took 7 days to arrive the account.

Sold it and then took 5 days to withdraw ethereum. It is a really bad exchange. They are indeed slow on their deposits and withdraws at times not sure why, it doesn't always happen. I've never lost the coins though. If I need something offered through them, I just plan to expect a delay or buy elsewhere if its a rush-buy. I use them because of their wide selection of coins and the fact they're easy to get an account on no verification needed, Bittrex was the only exchange I've used where ID verification was needed but actually easy.

They get paid to let bots front run orders even when executing. That's worse than wall street. Use Binance or Kucoin and you will know how a good Exchange should look like. Just to name a few: Bad UX, bad UI, high fees, mobile support is the worst on any exchange I know, it's extremely laggy - not just in peak times, the support is slow and not really customer oriented, the whole exchange is buggy my XBY withdrawal is stuck for 5 days , they stop markets at random times when they think it's necessary, they are no reliable, they are known for being used for pumps since they host random shitcoin and so on and so on.

And those are just a few, overall it's just a bad Exchange I use bittrex and binance as well man, I don't really run into many issues with cryptopia though. I wasn't a big fan of getting whacked with 30 bucks at first to withdraw but I can agree they are a Hotspot for shitcoin dumps, that's why it's probably laggy for ya at times.

I mean "tittiecoin" just popped up today. What, during major pump and dumps, i. I and many others had issues too since we were sending too large of amounts, sent the wallet in smaller increments and we were good to go. Personally just small amounts of ELLA about two weeks ago. Exactly my point.

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NAGA Trading Up 8.2% Over Last 7 Days (NGC) Choose your language

NAGA is trading on 14 markets. In the last 24 hours, NAGA was most traded on NAGAX, HitBTC, and Sistemkoin. The most traded NAGA pairs in the last 24 hours are NGC/EUR, NGC/BTC, and XRP/NGC. NGC/USD - NAGA Coin HITBTC Last Trade: USD Best Bid: USD Best Ask: USD ( UTC) Share. NGC/BTC - NAGA Coin HITBTC Last Trade: E-6 BTC Best Bid: E-6BTC Best Ask: E-6BTC ( UTC) Share. Tags:Bitcoin dogecoin mining, 0.025 btc to euro, How to send bitcoin from coinbase to bitstamp, Bitcoin public api, Bitcoin wallet canada 2017

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